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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management & Administration

Increase Compliance

Our billing experts follow HIPAA Omnibus Privacy and Security regulations and can train your staff to do the same.

Detect Underpayments

Your probably not getting paid for all your work. Let us find where you're being underpaid and increase reimbursements.

Improve Workflow

We help you create a consistent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) worfklow that looks at potential problems and opportunities for accelerating collections.


Need help with more than just billing? Our consultants are here to help with all parts of your business including IT, EHRs, staffing, and many other subject areas.

Decrease Denials

Our experts ensure that your paperwork is correct so that your reimbursement claims don't get denied.

Verify Insurance

60% of denials occur because a patient is not eligible for services billed. We make sure that never happens.

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What is PDGM, What is new, and what is The RA Approach?

on August 2, 2019

New payment episode timings: PDGM will break up the standard 60-day episode of care into one of two 30-day periods. That means 30-day periods will be implemented as a basis for payment vs. the 60-day periods used now. Each 30-day period is grouped into one of 12 clinical categories based on the patient’s main diagnosis.

Payment groupings: PDGM will increase the number of payment groupings and unique case-mix potential from 153 to 432. PPS allowed for 153 combinations, but with PDGM each 30-day …

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Our Services

on June 12, 2018

  • Eligibility & Benefits
  • Monthly Census
  • Referral entry
  • Oasis Review (coding)
  • Oasis Export
  • Pre-Auth
  • Billing
    • Episodic & Non Episodic
  • Denial Management
    • AR follow up
    • Appeals
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting

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Reporting Methodology

on May 12, 2018

We are dedicated to providing unmatched precision and transparency in our client relationships. We provide you with access to a dashboard where you can track and monitor your process health. We work with you to develop tailored reporting templates to enable you to see your practice’s financial performance and help you to identify opportunities for enhancement.

REDUCE DENIALS. Denied and delayed claims are expensive, time-consuming, and often avoidable. IMB’s AR Analysis report helps to identify …

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