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Reporting Methodology

Reporting Methodology

We are dedicated to providing unmatched precision and transparency in our client relationships. We provide you with access to a dashboard where you can track and monitor your process health. We work with you to develop tailored reporting templates to enable you to see your practice’s financial performance and help you to identify opportunities for enhancement.

REDUCE DENIALS. Denied and delayed claims are expensive, time-consuming, and often avoidable. IMB’s AR Analysis report helps to identify the denial trends. Once identified, we can design customized billing rules which help to eradicate coding and demographic errors.

PAYER CONTRACTS & FEE SCHEDULES. Commercial insurance carriers underpay claims by 7% to 8% approximately on the claims of almost every practice and medical service provider. With our payer agreement observance service and client specific payer knowledge base we are able to identify and appeal all underpaid claims, we all help providers and hospital to have negotiated fee schedules with various insurance companies. To ensure claims pricing is precise, our team monitors your contracts and constantly updates your practice specific knowledge base with any new contract terms, fee schedules and reimbursement rules.

DETECTION OF UNDERPAYMENT. We use your practice-specific knowledge base to evaluate payments received against the contract terms and flags underpayments at the line-item level.

APPEALS. Our team appeals on every underpaid claim that is identified and provides the insurance with the contract-based explanation required to effectively process the appeal. Our team follows up on every appealed claim and makes sure the insurances are paying what they are contractually required to pay.