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What is PDGM, What is new, and what is The RA Approach?

New payment episode timings: PDGM will break up the standard 60-day episode of care into one of two 30-day periods. That means 30-day periods will be implemented as a basis for payment vs. the 60-day periods used now. Each 30-day period is grouped into one of 12 clinical categories based on the patient’s main diagnosis.

Payment groupings: PDGM will increase the number of payment groupings and unique case-mix potential from 153 to 432. PPS allowed for 153 combinations, but with PDGM each 30-day …

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Our Services

  • Eligibility & Benefits
  • Monthly Census
  • Referral entry
  • Oasis Review (coding)
  • Oasis Export
  • Pre-Auth
  • Billing
    • Episodic & Non Episodic
  • Denial Management
    • AR follow up
    • Appeals
  • Payment posting
  • Reporting

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Reporting Methodology

We are dedicated to providing unmatched precision and transparency in our client relationships. We provide you with access to a dashboard where you can track and monitor your process health. We work with you to develop tailored reporting templates to enable you to see your practice’s financial performance and help you to identify opportunities for enhancement.

REDUCE DENIALS. Denied and delayed claims are expensive, time-consuming, and often avoidable. IMB’s AR Analysis report helps to identify …

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Our Compliance Strategy

At Revenue Health, our Human Resource section conducts widespread background checks on all new employees. Once the checks are confirmed only then the employees can access systems in our delivery centers with valid login IDs and passwords. A confidentiality agreement is signed by all employees at the time of joining the organization and employees are aware that they will be penalized for any security violation. At regular intervals, Revenue Health conducts compliance training programs for all …

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Our Process

Revenue cycle management (RCM) involves a series of steps that looks at potential problems and opportunities for enhancing revenue for a hospital. The entire revenue cycle starts from a patient’s admission to the hospital, treatment and discharge to post discharge claims and account settling.

We integrate our process into yours:

  • Documentation at the Front Desk.
  • Scanning Demographics, Super bills sent to billing office. Billing Office scans and saves image files to an FTP site.
  • Pre-coding – …

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Our Approach

The Revenue Acceleration RCM System uses a broad and comprehensive approach to medical billing. We have CPC certified and experienced medical coders well versed in international coding terminologies. They continuously grow and improve internal observance of contract ICD & CPT resources to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our structure is designed to ensure every step of the Revenue Cycle Management is completed. Our methodical process leaves no claim un-worked. Our exceptional …

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